Civil War Pen
Civil War Pen

Civil War Pen

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A great gift for history students or gun enthusiasts, this pen has several interesting features relating to the Civil war.

The top cap is an actual size replica of a 58 caliber Minie’ Ball, the most widely used bullet in the Civil War.

The pen tip is an actual size replica of a 44 Caliber 1860 Colt Army Revolver Bullet, and the clip is a miniature Model 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket, the most commonly used rifle by both Union and Confederate forces.

Hand-turned from a piece of Big Leaf maple Burl. Smooth twist action extends or retracts the point. Small enough (under 5 inches) to use as a pocket pen, or use the clip.

Pen body is brushed silver finish and uses a standard black Parker refill (included, available at office supply stores everywhere). Size is about 4 3/4"