Navigator Rollerball (blue/green)
Navigator Rollerball (blue/green)
Navigator Rollerball (blue/green)

Navigator Rollerball (blue/green)

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This rollerball pen looks like a fountain pen, but has the convenience of a ball point. Rollerball pens use a gel-based ink instead of an oil-based ink that most ballpoints use. This results in a more fluid flow of ink and a larger diversity of color. The ceramic roller ball ensure an easy & smooth writing experience!

Light reflecting from the six faceted tip gives the look of changing shades of gold tones. The pen features a custom spring pocket clip and also has a Chrome tapered finial with black inlay. All of this fine detail is complimented by the single thin black line of the center ring, to give a warm, rich look of elegance!

- Durable Chrome Finish
- Six Faceted Nib Holder
- Custom Spring Pocket clop
- Black Titanium Tapered Finial with Black Inlay
- Ceramic Rollerball Cartridge

Additional cartridges can be purchased on our site, stationary shops or office supply stores.